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Shipping and Receiving

Learn details about shipping carriers, stick length and weight guidelines, recommendations for how to receive and inspect your order, plus how to handle replacements or reorders.


Corner Samples

Learn about choosing up to 50 samples from our Principal Line, or we can send our preselected set that shows a wide range of profiles and finishes. 

Ways to Save Money

Learn about volume length and chop discounts, plus savings by buying Principal Line mouldings, straight cut chops, and early pay discounts.

Shadow Box Options

Shadow boxes can be created from virtually any moulding by using a tall moulding, or by adding a spacer or extender.  We can also modify or custom mill moulding to fit your needs.

Wood Characteristics & Defects

Learn about common wood characteristics that could be visible on your frame, which is what makes wood unique and beautiful. Also learn about wood defects and what we avoid when selecting moulding for frames.

Terminology for Ordering Moulding

Use this reference for terminology so that we can be sure we’re talking the same language for your project, whether it’s a cap moulding, stained glass, or other shape.

White Oak & Hicks Corner Blocks

White oak showcases beautiful and unique grain, like quarter sawn and rift sawn, popularized by mission-style furniture. Hicks corner blocks are adornments affixed to the corner of a frame in a contrasting or complementary wood.

Ultra Massive / Glue-up Specs

See detailed dimensional drawings of our glue-up/Ultra Massive mouldings, and learn more about the purpose and benefits of crafting them.

How-to Tips

Dovetail-routed Frame Assembly

Read our suggestions for how to assemble dovetail-routed frames using the Hoffman™ Dovetail-routing system.

Precise Miters

Learn about and compare options between using a saw blade or a chopper, which tools are recommended for hardwoods, and ways to keep your blades sharp.

Finishing Tips

Learn how to make and apply your own whitewash finish.

How to Use the 605 Floater

This upright stem float frame nests next to the canvas, similar to a slat moulding, and it creates a shadow line around the canvas’s edge. Learn how to attach these to your canvas.

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