Shadow Box Options

Picture Woods Shadow Box Options

Picture Woods has three simple, versatile options for framing deep objects. These mouldings make it possible to frame anything where a standard rabbet depth is not enough.

Option #1: Spacers

Our spacers are designed to be used inside the rabbet of our mouldings to separate the glass from the mat or mounting board. They are available in all of our standard wood/finish combinations.

Option #2: Extenders

  1. Our extender, #696, is designed to work specifically with our #903. The top dimensions of the #696 fit perfectly into the rabbet of the #903 to create a 5” shadow box with a 4-3/4” rabbet height. Extender prices listed are for sanding and finishing the outside, visible edge only.


  2. Many standard mouldings can be creatively used as extenders. Mouldings like our #313, #513, and #613 can be used vertically to add height to any 1” moulding, like our #317 or #322. We can add an addtional rabbet into a moulding for a one-time modification fee. Mouldings, when being used as extenders, must be Finished-to-Order so that the proper surfaces are finished.

When using extenders, the usual method of assembly is:

  1. Miter all mouldings (the face frame and the extender piece) to the same outside dimension (the same “stop” setting on your miter saw).
  2. Assemble all of the frames individually using conventional joining methods. If using an underpinner or “dovetail” type insert, make sure the fastener is recessed above grooved portion of the moulding.
  3. We recommend doing a dry fit first. Next, put a small bead of wood glue on the top surface of the extender (and in its rabbet if there is one) and squeeze assembled frames together.
  4. Add weight (e.g. sand bags or water jugs) for the time it takes for the glue to set. 45 minutes is fine for Titebond or similar fast-drying wood glue.

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